gone-bingo Win Guaranteed Cash This August At Gone Bingo

Enjoy this summer playing various bingo online games at Gone Bingo and grab extra chances to win cash rewards. Join the Summer feast and make your dream come true.

Bask in The Jackpot Glory:
Every day is a day to celebrate this August at Gone Bingo. Gone Bingo announced not just one jackpot but four jackpots daily. Play Gone Bingo throughout the August month and win real cash in multiples of 100. “80 Ball Bask In The Jackpot Glory” is the promotional offer which brings you prizes every day. Play Gone Bingo in 80 Ball room for winning 4 jackpot games daily from 7PM to 10PM every top of the hour.

Following is the total jackpot amount and winnings per game. Monday to use the chance of winning £600 in total and £150 per game. Tuesday is to play for £700 real cash and £175 for each game. Wednesday to win £800 in total and £200 per game. Thursday is to take away £900 real cash and £225 for each game. Friday to grab £1000 in total and £250 per game. Saturday to snap £800 real cash and £200 for each game. Sunday is to earn £800 in total and £200 per game. Avail the pre-buy facility and make yourself ready for the huge wining.

Bingo is Best Together:
Unleash the fun in playing team bingo this summer at Gone Bingo. Team Bingo back again on request. Register now to play 75 Ball Team Bingo and form a team of 8 players. If you are not into a team, let Gone Bingo help you. Play Special Pattern games on 1 to 9 numbers and win the same pattern in points. Top 5 teams to win the huge cash prizes. Team in 1st position to grab £800, 2nd position to earn £600 and 3rd, 4th, 5th teams to get £400, £240, £160 respectively. Player with more points to win a prize amount of £200 as the Player of the Tourney.

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